Al Pastor Tacos

Al Pastor Tacos are grilled sliced pork marinated in pineapple, orange juice and Mexican seasonings placed in a tortilla topped with pineapple, onion, cilantro and served with salsa.


thinly sliced pork marinade - pineapple and orange juice, Mexican guajillo chiles, spices and seasonings. assemble tacos - flour or corn tortilla, pineapple, onion and cilantro.

Place marinade ingredients in the blender. Puree until combined and smooth. Place thinly sliced pork in zip lock bag then pour marinade.

Marinate for at least 4 hours but overnight or a full day is much better. Store in the refrigerator.

Grill pork and pineapple then dice pork when done. You can also cook it on stove-top, oven or air fryer.

Assemble tacos. DELICIOUS!